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Director, Danny Schur and actor, MarkianTarasiuk, recreate Detroit Red Wings goalieTerry Sawchuk’s iconic 1948 pose on-ice at the  Riverview Community Centre on Tuesday for a film they are shooting on  Sawchuk's life. Standup photo.  Feb 24, 2015 Ruth Bonneville / Winnipeg Free Press  More info: Drafted by the Detroit Red Wings at the age of fourteen, the tough-as-nails North-Ender guarded the crease for twenty-one NHL seasons, playing in the no-mask era for Detroit, Boston, Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.  But his formative story - the strict, religious Ukrainian household on Aberdeen, the revolutionary “Sawchuk Crouch” concocted by his older brother, Mitch, his unbending left elbow (the result of an injury he hid from disapproving parents) - is the exclusive product of North End Winnipeg of the 1930’s and ‘40’s. Film is to be completed by the start of the hockey season in Sept 2015 and will be debuted in the Sawchuk arena.
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